As we receive the fruit from the field, stringent controls are administered to reduce the opportunity for external microbiological contamination. All containers that the product ships in are returned to the truck immediately after unloading and do not go further into the system.

Field reception

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It all starts with the preparation of the avocados. Upon arrival, the avocados are pre selected and then washed and sanitized in a 20 minute rinse, scrub and deep bath.

Wash and Sanitizing

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The ripening process in our state of the art rooms allows us to control the level of ripeness of the avocados in order to have perfect avocados for our guacamole, every time.

Ripening Rooms

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We are very careful of only using avocados that still have the stem (tupo) still on the fruit. It is our seal of guarantee that the avocado is completely sealed from external contamination. By removing the Tupo (stem) before entering the facility, GoVerden mitigates the opportunity for foreign matter infiltration, dental injury and choke hazards.

Stem Removal

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Each avocado is individually hand scooped in order to maintain the firmness and texture of the fruit. This allows superior taste and texture in our guacamole. This is a highly time consuming and labor intensive operation but it is also what sets GoVerden apart from others.

Hand Scooping

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Our stainless steel mixers have capacity for 1,000 lbs of guacamole. The internal conveyor mixes the complimentary ingredients to reach a smooth authentic blend and flavor for each batch of guacamole.

Ingredient Mixing

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Using cutting edge technology we can supply you and your customers with the safest and most wholesome product available in the market. We have the capability to accommodate your packaging needs. All of our recipes can be packaged in any of our presentations.


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The crown jewel; our food safety ally.
Each of our products go through our state of the art HPP machine, thus eliminating all pathogens, guaranteeing a safe to eat, natural, clean label guacamole every time.

HPP - High Pressure Pasteurization

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We also conduct in-house testing on all our products with a highly skilled microbiology team and specialized equipment, to ensure we comply with our customers and with the industry standards.

Microbiology Lab

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Every individual unit (cup, tray, tub, pouch) is screened by metal detectors before being packaged to ship. The detection process identifies metal, non metal and even stainless steel, with particles as small as 0.06 inches.

Metal Detection

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It’s all about efficiency! A spiral freezer allows us to fully freeze the product within 20 to 40 minutes.
This way we can produce, HPP, freeze, pack and ship our customer’s products in the same day.

Spiral Freezer

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Another of our customer´s priorities is maintaining the required temperature of the guacamole in all stages of the process. For that, we keep close control of the cold chain from the start of production up to when the product is shipped out. Therefore the stage from product refrigeration to shipping is closely guarded in what we call a “transition area”, which is a temperature controlled hall that connects our freezer and loading dock doors.

Staging Area

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Product and process certification standard known for compliance to industry best practices. BRC certification is an internationally recognized mark of food safety and quality.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Testing and Certification. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) undergo DNA structure modifications through biotechnology. Foodstuffs manufactured or containing ingredients of GMOs may be considered to be Genetically Modified (GM) foods. Thus the Non-GMO Project Verified seal gives shoppers the assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive third-party verification for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard.

SMETA stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and is one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world. It combines the best practices in the field of corporate social responsibility. The concept describes a methodology based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code.

The Kosher certificate is a document issued by certification agencies and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, in which a Rabbi certifies that the products referred to fulfill the biblical precepts of the Jewish religion. Kosher certificates are requested especially for food: meat (slaughter of animals and salting process), fish, milk and eggs, canned and preserved foods.

C-TPAT (Customs–Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) is a voluntary, joint government-business partnership to help add security to supply chain as well as increase border security. It is a safety measure that the trade industry takes against terrorism.

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At GoVerden, our passion for fresh flavors is what makes us the best at what we do. We look forward to working with you to design a tailor made solution that satisfies all your operational guac needs; from packaging presentations to flavor profiles, at GoVerden’s Foodservice Solutions for your Business we have a plan for you, so you can focus on providing your customers with a family treatment, resting assured that your guacamole and pulp's taste will be just as good as the one made at home.